Liberty work with horses is the perfect coming together of good leadership, deep trust and a high level of motivation.

This work especially will lay open the basis that has been established up to this point in regards to the cooperation between the horse and the rider.

Liberty work requires total concentration and a very high level of creativity, freedom and voluntary cooperation.

A clear and quiet leading of the horse necessary, but also the respect for the other being and her personality and character traits.

The work at liberty with the horse lets the rider experience a whole new level of unity, shared effort and mutual trust with her horse.

It is important that the ranking order is clear and that both partners are highly motivated so that the work can commence in a constructive and respectful way.

It is also important to not let oneself be limited by thoughts of problems that might occur. When doing work at liberty, there is no pre-determined process. It is a game and the creation of something together right at that moment. This does not mean that the person gives up leadership or own ideas in order to accommodate the horse, but that she creates space for ideas to develop within a framework of necessary rules.

In my training units I will teach and establish these basic pre-conditions for liberty work. During training I make sure to conduct the units in such a manner that the students and their horses succeed in their undertaking. For that to happen it is important that I am already familiar with both of them. Liberty work is only ideal for advanced students.