By Birgitta Beyring

I took my first of currently six circus courses with Carolin Schömer in June 2009. I do appreciate very much that Caro works very carefully and at first gets to know the participants of the course, their previous experience and their expectations for the course. Since she is also focussing on consistent and clear work – which is especially important when working with stallions – the course starts with a theory unit. Here we learn about the basics of doing circus work with the horses.

That this type of work is a lot of fun we get to experience in each course anew. Practical work follows the theoretical part and the horses and ponies are almost overdoing it just to please their persons and Caro. Even a rather stoic warm blood awoke out of his lethargy when Caro gave him lots of praise and cookies for any desired reaction.

Caro impresses with her cheerful and warm-hearted personality and this way is able to draw each horse-rider pair in. She recognises quickly where the strengths of the horse are and how to get them to come out.

Without tiring she explains and corrects and leads us to diligence in our work. She never over faces human or horse and thus makes sure that all of us are having fun. The program for each is tailored individually and she won’t let us go without a good plan and instruction on how to continue the work at home on our own. She is open for questions, also in the times between courses and provides patiently the answers.

I am already looking forward to the next course which I will attend with my youngsters.

Fintel, June 2012