Especially when working with young horses and with stallions it is important to work already in the basic ground training in a structured and prudent manner in order to preclude problems from developing or in cases, where a problem is already there to solve it as soon as it has been detected.

Since it is so important and is setting a direction for the entire life of the young horse I offer basic training specifically for young horses which includes training on the ground, on the lunge-line and in-hand – all tailored to the needs of the specific horse-human pair.
This is an optimal way of preparing a youngster for getting started under saddle and thus making a positive imprint for its entire life as a riding horse.

Stallions, especially, require a clear and structured leadership in their training and demand that their handler is focussed one hundred per cent while working with them. Therefore it is important to learn how to handle your stallion in a friendly and energetic manner.
The goal is to work with the stallion in such a way that he is able to relax and to concentrate on his training.
On this basis the daily handling, but also showing the stallion at events or horse shows, will become less stressful and more enjoyable.