Slowly but steadily my horse ‘Cool boy’ and I started to drift apart. Problems started to become more frequent and they ended up with me being less and less able to handle him. One day he bucked me off violently.  I was lucky to only break a finger.

Due to me starting my dual studies, while holding a job in addition and moving the horse to a new barn all at the same time period – I did not notice at first what was happening and that he gave me clear signal on how badly he felt. Now in hindsight I can see all of that.

After my finger had healed I decided to seek help from Carolin. I wanted to be able again to work with my horse without being in danger of injury.

The first lesson already made it all too clear that my horse was anticipating  a big lion behind each bush, so that instead of me leading him it was him dragging me around. As soon as I was riding out with him, or if I took him with just a halter and lead rope to the pasture I was confronted with the usual problem: he was extremely jumpy, just ran over me, and I had no influence on him whatsoever. He simply did not accept me as his leader who would give him orientation and whom he could trust.

Through some exercises that Caro taught us I was able to show him that everything is ok, that he would not need to have any fear, that I am there for him and pay attention to what is going on. He started to listen to me again.  And in return he received positive feedback and he was told what a great horse he is as soon as he showed the correct behaviour.

After only one session he was following me completely relaxed around  the pasture with the rope hanging freely,  as if we had done that every day. And the best is: everything took place in complete calmness and without force. We began to explain to him that training with me was fun, easy and full of trust. He learned to put the focus on me again and not on some rabbit scuttling across the field.

And I have learned how to set clear rules, implement them and this way give him security, calmness and trust.

Today – almost three months after the first training sessions he has real fun with the lessons, practicing ‘Spanish walk’, or ‘saying no’ and he always learns something new. His eyes are wide awake and he is only waiting for the next new lessons.

Cool Boy touches barrels, which before the training he would have only snorted at with wide eyes and nostrils from a distance. We are walking totally relaxed across pastures, even when there are galloping horses on the neighbour pasture. My ‘Dicki’ is totally relaxed and I stay always composed. In the meantime we can pass by anything.

And under saddle, too, we work well and intensively and we communicate well. Any sign of stress he might feel, I observe immediately and try to understand the possible cause. Then I transform it into constructive behaviour.

Caro’s training has resulted in the two of us becoming a team again who works together and has fun. Therefore I would like to thank her for these – now again – relaxed days at the barn.

Jenny & Cool Boy