By Jutta Schenk-Borchers

Dear Caro,

This much on teaching the horse to load:

From one day to the next our 13-year-old Hanoverian gelding decided that he did not want to go up the trailer any more. It became especially difficult in a new environment.

Since nothing special happened during loading or driving I thought that it could only be some kind of communication problem. And this is when I asked you for help.

We worked at home several times following your quiet and clear method. After some practice it worked quite well, so as a next step we practiced the loading and unloading in a new environment. The result was just great! Without hesitation my horse went into the trailer, then stood there peacefully and content and was easy to unload in a controlled and calm manner.

Super! Thank you so much!

I can only recommend to anybody if they experience difficulties with loading and trailering to get professional help from you!

Cheers, Jutta