I offer individual training to this topic in the Hannover area. It is also possible to design a weekend course around this issue, in which I will cover all the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge to make loading your horse an easy task.

Here are a few pointers on my approach to loading:

The training will be different for each horse, depending on the previous experiences:

  • Is the horse fearful or disobedient?
  • Are there old traumas to overcome that led the horse into his refusal to load? Very often the previous history of loading and trailering explain the problems at hand.
  • Is the horse on the driving aids and does the horse accept people as leader? Sometimes it is not the loading per se that is the problem, but the lack of trust in the human or a lack of leadership or of both.
  • Was there ever a structured approach to teaching the horse to load, i.e. does the horse have a good training basis for loading? All too often I see situations, in which it is just assumed that the horse loads without ever giving him a chance to deal with this challenge in a non-pressured situation.  Loading is like any other exercise, it needs to be taught and trained, just as anything else.
  • Is the necessary equipment at hand? Every rider knows that a horse needs to have a saddle that fits so that it can move in a relaxed manner. Unfortunately, the trailers
    for horses are often built for the eyes of the
    owners and not necessarily with the needs of
    horses in mind.

When teaching to load I use a step-by-step approach for the save handling of the horse. Often the rider does not have the necessary knowledge on loading and on the challenges involved for the horse to do this on his own.

It is especially important for young horses or insecure horses to conduct a properly structured training. This minimises the fear of the trailer and helps the horse to develop the trust necessary to step on it.Besides using a good method the equipment which has to be safe and appropriate is important, too.

If needed, I make a proper set-up available.