Born in 1992, pretty bay Icelandic mare, has lots of natural tölt. She has been with me since 1997.

Character: down-to-earth, knows what she wants (I am NOT talking about being stubborn…), calm but good energy when needed,  totally reliable and confident, loves children; in her opinion she never gets enough to eat;  she is a buddy you can go and steal horses with; best therapy horse in the world.

Our relationship:

  • Total mutual trust
  • She is worth her weight in gold!
  • She is my teacher and the teacher for my riding students.

Our first circensic training hour together:  „Just go ahead, you may do this thing on your own!“ , but then: „Hey Caro, for a beginner you are not so bad with these exercises!“

Currently during our circensic training: „Hey look, what I can do! I usually get something for neighing on command, don’t I?“ At this stage she even leaves her hay behind for a training unit with me (and whoever knows Icelandic horses can truly appreciate that and knows what true love is).

But seriously,  she is a down-to-earth, reliable,
quiet, loving and friendly mare.

Born in 2003. Proud, imposing Lusitano stallion from Portugal (it is like that and he wants to impress you with it). He has been with me since 2007.

Character:  a quick thinker, macho and wild stallion but at the same time good-natured, loving and totally honest; highly motivated and always committed; performs circensic exercises on his own (e.g. when other horses or humans pass by his paddock), he is a real show-off.

Our relationship:

  • cooperative and trusting, clear rules on the distribution of competencies (Caro is the boss and Xijó pretends)
  • Everything is fine, as long as Caro is here!

Our first circensic training:  learning how to say ‚no‘, laughing, saying ‚yes‘ and carrying things in perfection within 10 minutes – and what do we do now?

Current circensic training:  doesn’t really happen. We are always playing circus! Riding is the same, movements and cookies.

During riding lessons:  Xijó is the boss, and the riding students pretend  😉

But seriously: Xijó is a people-oriented, well-trained stallion, who is always obedient and fully committed to his work.