Already as a child I had this grand passion for horses – something that caused much amazement in my family, since nobody had ever sought contact with horses.

At the age of 12 a big wish was granted: I was allowed to learn how to ride. From that time on horses accompanied me intensively during every minute of my free time.

A few years later – I almost couldn’t believe it – we added a new member to the family: my then 4 years-old Icelandic mare Hrina. She was then – and still is today – a good teacher, first for me and my girlfriends and in the meantime for the children that are my riding students and who want to learn how to handle horses.

After graduating from high school I started my studies in international industrial engineering at the University of Applied Sciences and graduated with honors (double certificate: diploma and a B.Sc.) in 2005.

Still, I then decided to take the plunge and seek a new orientation. I initially worked in different training stables, beginning with a job at a gaited-horse facility where I had the first contact to classical riding and to working with stallions. There I also met Joao Lynce– a Portuguese trainer

– from whom I learned much about the Portuguese school, working equitation, and about the Lusitano horse, working with stallions and the training of young horses. I concluded my year of internships with a 7 months stay at Peter Deike’s stable. There I was responsible for the care and the daily training of sheep, goats, horses, donkeys and pigs. We trained them for the childrens’ circus, for shows at fairs and for TV performances. My mare Hrina received intensive training there, too.

In 2006 I began my studies of veterinary medicine at the University of Hannover.  During my entire time as a student I gave courses and provided training in the area of circensic exercises, leadership training and behavioural training. Weekend courses took me all over Germany and Switzerland.

In 2007 then the Lusitano stallion ‚Xijó’, then 4 years old, came to me to Hannover.


I trained both of my horses based on my principles and in accordance with their talents and potential. I do focus carefully on good gymnastic training and on riding with fine aids. Both horses have quite a repertoire of circensic exercises up to lying down and rearing. Hrina knows over 35 different tricks and exercises.

By now Xijó knows a lot of different exercises in liberty work and under saddle we are working on high school movements.

I graduated from veterinary school in March 2012 and since then I have been focussing on my work as a trainer, while at the same time expanding my practical veterinary abilities into holistic approaches such as animal kinesiology, acupuncture and homeopathy.