”Make your dreams come true.”

I will help you to realize your dream of a strong bond between you and your horse and the experience of unity with your equine partner.

It is my mission to help riders and their horses to go down a path together that helps them to overcome their limitations and to create shared positive experiences.  For me this path is built by clear and loving leadership and a deep understanding of each other and consequentially a free unfolding of the incredible potential of a good horsemanship.

To realize these goals I use different approaches:

  • Behavioural training & training with a special focus on young horses & stallions
  • Circensic lessons
  • Liberty work
  • Training horses to load
  • Holistic veterinary medicine
  • Training horses to undergo medical procedures

I hope the words above made you interested and I would like to invite you to start down this path together with your horse. There you will discover what potential lies in the two of you, so that you may experience the joy, the serenity, relaxation, satisfaction and gratification that comes as a result of good work with horses.

I hope you will enjoy this homepage and find some ideas and encouragement to bring you further along on your journey as a horse person.

Carolin Schömer